Saturday, September 1, 2012

Parenting from a 10 year old


Puck and Scamp spent the middle part of the summer creating a LEGO city.  It then sat in our playroom and they continued to tinker with it for a bit.  As of this morning, it resided on the bookshelf and I've been trying (in vain) for a couple of weeks to get them to clean it up, put it away, pull it apart so we can actually use our bookshelf for, yep, you got it, a bookshelf.  I was even thinking we could put a lamp up there.

Silly me.

I pleaded, I cajoled, I think I even may have threatened just a tiny little bit.  All to nothing.  Nope.  Not gonna clean it.  It was their cre-aaaa-tions! They had spent so much ti-iii-me on them!  It was their summer the-eee-sis!

Ok, so that last line didn't actually come out of their mouths, but you would have thought that was the level of importance.

We are a week into school and I've been slowly, secretly putting a few pieces of The City back into the LEGO box each day.  Just enough so that it fills a need I have of straightening up, but not so much that they'll notice right away.

This Saturday morning they decided to play school....because apparently school begets more school.  I don't know.  I have weird kids.

So they decide to play school.  They go downstairs, there's some discussion between the three of them I'm not paying attention to when Sprite comes up and says, "The bookshelf is clean, Mom."


I even asked, because I had to, what they did with the LEGOs.  They put them in the LEGO box.  Wow.  I asked her how she got them to clean it up, and she replied that she just said, "Hey guys, let's clean it up."

And they said OK.

Wow.  That's good parenting, that is.  I'm going to Big Sister for all my battles from now on.

Parenting.  This is not an easy road we are on, my friends.  Not easy at all.  But it doesn't have to be complicated.  I just read an article from Kevin DeYoung this morning about how maybe we are making parenting more complicated than it has to be.  The article is hilarious but truly insightful and just maybe it will encourage you on your parenting road today.  Thanks to Rachel at Thriving Home Blog for posting this.  Click HERE for the article.

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