Monday, August 27, 2012



We all made it.  No tears for anybody--not even me!  I did get a bit choked up walking Puck to class, but that was it.

I asked his teacher to take this picture:

first day of Kindergarten
Um.....can you say not even close to what was going on???  WHY does his face look like that?  He was really excited, albeit a bit nervous (which is most likely where this glum face came from), but he just looks miserable in this photo, you can practically hear him hollering, "I can't believe my mom is going to leeeeeeaaaave me"!  I had to laugh, though, and thank the Lord I did NOT see this face until tonight when I uploaded it at 9:00pm.  If that lower lip and those puppy-dog-eyes had met my own hesitant eyes this morning, I'm not sure I would have made it out of there without tears of my own.

And I don't want to down play what an awesome day Scamp and Sprite had.  They came home just bubbling with how great their day was.

The entire sidewalk was covered with chalk painted pictures, greetings and salutations from our amazing Seniors!  So much fun to walk up with all that.  They all left really early this morning for the various orientation trips around the area and weren't even in school today so they must have been busy last night!


Happy kids, ready for Day 2!

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