Monday, July 30, 2012



In case you haven't glanced at your calendar in awhile, you need to know that it's almost August.

August!  Egads!

After three weeks away from home, the kids came back and have been playing so well together that it was almost shocking.  They've been putting together an entire LEGO city in their downstairs rooms.  They've been creating, building, discussing, even bringing a neighbor friend in for consultation and advice.  They were up at 7:30 this morning and I could hear them debating how the construction would go this morning.

They emerged briefly upstairs to give morning hugs and kisses and then headed right back down to continue their city planning.  I even think one of the project managers may have just had a birthday because I heard them singing "Happy Birthday" at the top of their lungs, followed by clapping and congratulations.

However, it seemed that by early afternoon the goodwill felt toward their fellow siblings was taking a steep spiral downwards and I promptly sent them to different rooms for some quiet time.  Thank goodness for quiet time!

I'm hoping they're feeling a bit more cooperative tomorrow.  It doesn't help that they're all feeling a bit worn down right now.  Does it happen to your family?  Summer wears the kids out, they're so ready for school to start and yet if we started school tomorrow, they'd be even more worn out!  Thankfully we have a full 4 weeks til opening day.

What's happening in your world?

Are you watching the Olympics?  (We aren't, no cable.  Is there a way to stream it online?)

Read any good books lately? (My current read:  Brooklyn.  Undecided in how I feel...a bit boring right now.)

 Is August your vacation month?

Oh, yes, one more thing.  Thanks to my friend Jen's prompting I put a little spot over there to the right where you can sign up to get Part of the Miracles delivered directly to your email inbox.  Snazzy!  I never even thought about it because that's just not the way I read blogs (I use a Reader) but she clued me in.  Thanks, Jen!

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