Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dubé Family Beach Vacation a.k.a. The most awesome vacation EVER

Anytime I go away to a new place, I almost always come back home and say that I could totally see myself living there.  And it's also almost never true.  I mean, not really.  At least it didn't used to be.  And then we did that little thing of moving to a different country and all of a sudden, I find myself actually envisioning what it would be like to really live in those places we visit.
And I stand here today to say:  I can totally see myself living at the beach.  Totally.
surf's up! AL
Even New Orleans had it's charm.  It made me truly appreciate the old and eclectic.  To try and bring some of that home to the mountains, I scoured the flea market in my home town (in Missouri) with my mom for some cute vintage-y table clothes and towels.  Here in the mountains, you're more likely to find a dusty elk-antler chandelier or a really huge, rustic pine bunk bed at the thrift store than anything I would consider vintage.  And that's ok.  Those things have their charm, too....I suppose....just not a charm that I really dig.
This?  This is charm.
St Louis Cathedral NOLA
So we did go to the beach.  To Fort Morgan, Alabama.  And I'm just going to say it again.  It was amazing.  Amazing!  I've never understood the whole family vacation at the beach thing.  (And if I still had toddlers and babes in diapers like the family who camped out next to us the whole week, I would still NOT understand it.)  But, now, with three kids who are proficient at entertaining themselves and independent enough to not need help putting their swim suits on, I absolutely get it.  This is a vacation we will do again.  I want to go back tomorrow!

We made a meal at the beach that I've always wanted to do:  a crab boil.  We actually went down to the dock of the bay (sorry!) and caught blue crabs!  From getting the bait, buying the shrimp to go with it, catching the crabs, pealing and deveining the shrimp (ew), scrubbing all the vegetables and creatures, bringing the water to boil on an electric stove OY, to actually sitting down and picking the crab meat out of the crustacean, it took a total of 9 hours.  I'm not even kidding.  We started at 1:00pm and when I looked at the clock as I was wiping down the table after cleaning up it read 10:00pm.  True story.  It was sure good, though.
blue crabs AL

So now we are home, and.....

I have two sick kids.

I have a colander full of somewhat stinky shells.  (any tips on cleaning stinky shells??)
shells Collage
feeling crabby
We even had a few (dead, of course) little crabs come home in the large shells we found.

I have a new-to-me vintage-y table cloth with some pretty hydrangeas smiling in my home.

PicMonkey Collage

I have two animals who are Nervous Nelly's every time we put on our shoes.

I miss the beach!!

And, I have so many pictures that there's no way I'm going to subject you to them all.  (Although if you do want to see them all, by all means, click on over to my Flickr stream and peruse at your pleasure.)

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SO.  Have YOU done the beach vacation?  Was it the best ever?

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