Monday, July 2, 2012


It would seem I'm a bit late in this wonderful world of Instagram,  BUT I'M NOT!  I'm just new to the whole wonderful world of a smart phone (used my iPod before).  Whew, love my little phone.  But sometimes it will have issues with Instagram.  Sometimes the picture will come out all pixelated.  Weird.

Are you an Instagrammer?  You can follow me....if you want (insert awkward pause, sheepish look and whistling here...I'm not big on attention, contrary to what blogging is and may seem)....... @ bethdube. 

Adam's folks came for a great visit last week and since I typically forgot my big camera everywhere we went, I used my phone!

Dube collage 1
We met them at the airport.     Then we took them to their first ever rodeo!  It was so much fun!  The cowboys and cowgirls were really in top form for this first night of rodeo this season.

boat collage
One day we went over to a different county and rented a pontoon boat for a couple of hours.  It was so pretty when we started and as soon as we headed out into the lake, clouds came up and it got windy!  Still a great time, and the kids absolutely LOVED driving the boat.  Me....not so much.  It made me so nervous that it wouldn't just turn when I turned that wheel!  Guess I could get used to it, though!

Three sailors

Sailboat Ragata
There was also a sailboat regatta going on that day.  And while I just nodded my head and smiled when the helpful folks at the marina told us that, I have no idea what a sailboat regatta is.  I gather it involves racing of some sort.  But since there was no start or finish line and they just sort of kept going in circles....well, I still have no idea.

And that's ok.

(Yo, Jen!  Sailing aficionado!  What's a sailboat regatta?)  

Such a great visit from the grandparents! Thanks for coming out, we love you, Nana and Papa!!

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