Friday, June 1, 2012

No energy for a post, Pinterest to the rescue

I can't get motivated enough to slap a real post together (even to tell you about my parents fun, impromptu, surprise visit--oy, I am lazy).  So I've gathered together some fun thinks I've found on Pinterest lately.  If you want to follow me, click that little button over there on the right that says so explicitly:  Follow me on Pinterest (!!!)

Get a load of this fabulous print.  I want one.  It's from Molly Matin's etsy shop.

MISSOURI State Digital illustration Print Kansas City St Louis

I'm going to make THESE tonight.  Better get marinatin'!   And I was talking with my mom about some ideas to make mealtime easier next year when I'm working part time.  Right after our conversation, I pulled up Pinterest and look what I found:  Top Five Freezer Meals.  Cool.  Mom also gave me a great tip about freezing your food in the 9 x 13 lined with foil so you can pull it out once frozen, pop it in a freezer bag and not have to buy a bunch of disposable pans.  Also, very cool.

We're exactly a week into Summer Vacation and the kids are already saying the dreaded I'm bored .  Geeze.  100 activities for kids has potential.

So does this book.

Sprite and I made some of these.  They got rave reviews.  Super easy; super fun; pretty, too.
And I am anxious to get some thicker wire to try this out. 

It's June 1st!  Officially a "summer month".  We woke up this morning, the birds were singing and it felt warm.  Love it.

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