Thursday, June 7, 2012

The big surprise

My parents hemmed and hawed about coming to visit this Spring.  That's not a dig on them, please be aware, it's just that we're going to be spending time together at the beach in July, then our kids will go home with them, stay a week (!!!) and then Adam and I will follow for another week or so.  So, time together wasn't the issue.  The issue was this:  it's 853 miles one way, from Missouri to Colorado.  So, some hemming and hawing is understandable.

I was on the phone with my mom on the Tuesday before school let out.  She asked if we would still be willing to have them.

Of course! I said. When?

On Thursday, she said.  And Dad wants you to keep it secret from the kids if you can.

Now, I know that some parents and in-laws are difficult to have, but that's just not the case with either my or Adam's folks.  All four of these people are easy.   So, getting the house ready and in order in two days was a no-stress, easy thing to do. 

So, needless to say, I said that I could keep a secret (I love secrets!) and that they should come on down.  I almost slipped up about a dozen times in those two days, but I managed to keep a lid on it.

Thursday dawned cool and most definitely un-Spring-like, unless you live in Colorado.  The kids had a last performance, got their yearbooks and had an hour for signing.  It's a loud, bustly mess of kids, but super fun to be apart of.

DSC_0101 wm
This shows only half of the Commons and none of the steps or hallways.  I love this day.

After school my kids were begging to go to Fuzziwigs, a candy store in Vail Village, but I ever-so-nonchalantly suggested that maybe that day wasn't the best day.  I only had about an hour to get them home before my parents pulled up.

Like I said, the day started out cool, but by afternoon it had warmed up nicely.  I had them outside eating snack while I read aloud Harry Potter (our current read-aloud).  I had my camera handy.  Dad called to say they were getting off the highway and would be there in just a minute.

When they pulled up, their dog, Sammie was hanging out the window.  My kids were in complete shock!  Sprite kept saying, "What?  What?!"  The boys were absolutely silent.  Scamp had a huge grin on his face, but Puck was just a little bit confused as to what on earth was going on.  (warning, tons of pictures to follow!)

DSC_0122 wm
"Mom???  What?!"

DSC_0123 wm

DSC_0124 wm

DSC_0125 wm

PicMonkey Collage wm
Hugs all around!

DSC_0131 wm
My dad asking Sprite what she had been thinking.  Love her expression!

It was such a nice visit and a great way to end the school year.  AND we just learned Adam's folks are coming in a couple of weeks to visit, too!  What an awesome summer!!

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