Saturday, May 12, 2012

Simple pleasures

A couple of years ago I got a text from a friend.  I'm paraphrasing, but it went something like this:  Want our swingset?  You tear it down, it's yours.

We had just moved into this house at Thanksgiving and had gone through the winter and summer without any play set.  We'd been pricing them out but, dang, they were pricy!  We talked ourselves out of that one for that summer.

So when offered a free set that would only cost us time and effort we jumped on it!

It was so much work, you all, but SO worth it.  We have thanked my friend and ourselves over and over for this great swing set.  It's pieced together and rearranged because it wouldn't all fit in our postage-stamp yard, it needs to be stripped and restained, but it's ours.  Even the cat will sit at the top and survey the neighborhood.

This afternoon I was sitting in the living room and I heard the happy sounds of boys laughing and playing coming from our backyard. I absolutely love that.

DSC_0007 wm

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