Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random willy-nilly's and other nonsensical musings on a Tuesday

Oh dear.

I'm afraid I will just never be one of those bloggers that I, personally, love so very much to read.

I'll never have an army of followers, comments reaching into the...well, in the teens would be a stretch (!).  Giveaways and prizes?  Nope.  Continuity in writing and posting?  Most likely a negative, too.

At least not in the near future.

DSC_0064b wm

As much as I love writing, and posting here, when I get over-done in life, I tend to shut down creatively.  Which is probably exactly WHEN I should ramp up the opportunities for creative expression! 

Create or go home.

But until I have an unlimited amount of time to do that, I'm content to just post willy-nilly, trying not to mind to much when the crickets are screaming at me from my computer screen, posting photos and randomness when inspiration doesn't necessarily strike, but time permits.

BUT!  But.  I really do love writing, love expressing this way, and, even though I don't act upon the bug that will bite, I often find my mind writing a post as I go about my day that never ends up being published in this here little venue.

If I did, you might find
  • a sweet, yet simple post about the surprise Frisbee game I came upon after my run.  It was two of my neighbors.  They are a retired couple living with their dog.  My face broke from the exhaustion into a huge grin.  I waved like the nut I am and it totally made my afternoon.
  • a tutorial about creating my own succulent garden.
  • about how we dined upon homemade pasta this evening that Adam claimed to be "just about as good as my grandma's!"  Wow.  Serious praise.
  • slight angst, but more relief, that school is just 17 short days from being over.
  • photos of the hoards of soccer games we've been attending this Spring.
  • a recap of Seussical the Musical, how Sprite got strep the day of and had to miss the first performance.  Thankfully, antibiotics are God's provision and she was up and running for the second and last performance.
SEE?!  So much is there!  Each deserving of a post to call it's own.  Granted, it's all about my boring life, but it's my boring life and I love it.  Even when it makes me roll my eyes and want to shout out loud.  I still might have to expand on one or two of the above bullets in an upcoming post, but at least the memories aren't completely lost here in my noggin forever to be forgotten.

blooming trees wm

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