Saturday, April 14, 2012

The days....they are miracles

I didn't intend to take a blogging break.  I never do.  They just seem to happen.  One week, I've posted often, the next week I'm silent.

The day-to-dayness of life gets in the way.  Usually I'm okay with that, but sometimes when I forget to jot the daily happiness down I get just a little bit sad because that's why I blog.  To remember.

I want to remember Sprite's Colonial Williamsburg Day.  It was a sweet, fun day.  She wore her hair in a braid and a long white skirt.  They played Leap Frog, had potato sack races and created things like their own dye for cloth, and ate homemade bread, homemade butter and homemade apple butter like there was no tomorrow.  I want to remember how she led her little brother around and took care of him and how there was no fussing and arguing between the two of them.  And if those aren't enough reasons, I want to remember what to do the same and what to change up next time around (Scamp's turn will be in two years!).

Picnik collage

I want to remember how I really did get through all the sickness that hit our house so hard.  That puke does wash out of upholstery, pillows, hair and floors.  That fever-induced, quiet, sleepy days are their own kind of blessing.  If for no other reason than to make me appreciate the noisy, happy, energetic days.

Picnik collage

I want to remember warm spring afternoons at the park.  When Puck dons a hat, looks at me in my floppy hat and says, "Momma, sun hats aren't always so beautiful."  Clearance Easter candy can be a mighty salve for the humbleness that kid-spoken truth can bring.

Picnik collage

Has the commonness of life, the busyness of the days gotten in the way of you remembering?  The daily joys and blessings of this Life that God has given are gifts.  I'm realizing that more and more.

Enjoy your weekend and remember.

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