Monday, April 16, 2012

CSI on a Sunday morning

It is very easy to get the feeling  that our family lives in a safe little neighborhood.  We live in a small town, in a small resort-valley.  It seems our police force is often most busy with patrolling I-70 for out-of-state speeders.

So it was quite a surprise to be dragged out of bed Sunday morning by a policeman at our door.  The dogs shouted out we had a visitor like only big, boisterous dogs can (we were babysitting, so the barking was cra-a-a-zy loud).

Apparently, a neighbor noticed his garage door was open early that morning when he knew he had shut it.  Then, when he went walking his dog, he noticed other garage doors open. Six am on a Sunday with fresh snow on the ground isn't a typical time for lots of folks to be out and about.  It must have smelled fishy and he called the cops.

All our glove compartments had been opened and left open.  Thankfully, we never leave anything of importance in our cars.  Scratch that, an ice-scraper is very important when one lives in the mountains, but maybe the thief already had one of those.  So, I should say that we never leave cash, phones or other costly items in cars.  The only thing that was missing was Sprite's earrings she had left in there.  Really?  What thief pockets a fifty cent pair of Claire's earrings?

There was much excitement when the boys came up and found out!  Another policeman came by and asked all sorts of questions. They were all (all three of the kids, even the cool 10-year-old girl) bouncing on their heels listening to it all.  And then, when he said he'd be fingerprinting the cars....well, I can just say that this day went down in the BOOKS.  Our garage had officially become a crime scene.  At least in their little eyes.

We were very thankful nothing of importance was stolen.  We'll be locking our garage doors at night, now, though, and keeping an extra careful eye out on our precious little ones.

How has your week started off?

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