Saturday, March 24, 2012

A week in photos and some words to go along

Gracious.  Where DID the week go?

We had my friend Kim and her family here for the beginning of the week.  They were here 5 days and I got exactly 2 pictures of the time.  One is a very dorky picture of the kids in their jammies eating chocolate chip cookies that I'm not even going to bother editing and posting.  But the other was pretty fun--and it was taken with her husband's iPhone, of all things!

Kim and me

I love Kim, and I while we've been good friends for a long time now, I think our friendship is growing sweeter as we *ahem* get older. 

orange and lemons

I have a new phone--yippee!  It even takes photos.  Not quite as good as the iPhone, but that's ok.  I am bummed, though, that Android doesn't have an Instagram app.  I've been using another one they have (can't remember the name right now) and it's not bad.  (see above photo)  Android users:  any luck with photo apps?


The friendship bracelet craze has officially hit our home.  This variety is of the slightly-painful-to-wear-yet-infinitely-easier-to-produce vein a.k.a twisted pipe cleaners.  My Scamp bequeathed this one to me this morning.  I couldn't not wear it.  Even if I do have some new scratches on my wrist.  It's all worth it. (I need a manicure and do not see one in my near-future.)


These were of the slightly-more-complicated yet non-painful variety a.k.a yarn braiding.  We now have official embroidery floss and my mad friendship-making skills from the '80s have been enlisted to teaching my daughter how to knot and loop.  No photos yet, but I am honestly loving this!  It's such a blast from the past!


Made some super yummy granola today.


Enjoying some fun short stories that are most definitely NOT chick lit.  Aptly named book.  I love short stories.


And just LOOK at these beautiful flowers that my friend brought last week!  Aren't they spectacular?  This was on Wednesday.  Today, Saturday, they look quite a bit worse for the wear.  But they made my week a bit brighter.  Thanks, Jen!

So, dish.  Are your kids into the friendship bracelet movement yet?

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Jen said...

No friendship bracelets here though perhaps we should even if it's just to remind the boys they are actually friends!! Glad the flowers hung on for a week!!