Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring is a She

I have three sick kids at home today.  And it's only Wednesday.

But that's not what I sat down to write about today!

Lately, there is a difference in the air.  It is that of a very welcome visitor.  

She's early this year.  And she's not usually here for very long, so I'm hoping she'll extend her visit by a few weeks.  That is, if she has no where else to go.

I can tell she's here not because I've seen lots of visual proof.  Her typical luggage of bright colors, sporting all kinds of flora and fauna, hasn't been placed on the front porch just yet.  

But there are certain changes that have most definitely announced her arrival.

The cold, white snow is melting.  Everywhere.  The poor snowbirds are lamenting the lackluster skiing conditions.  And I am skipping for joy
(Please don't stone me.)

 For once, mud is making me a happy mama because when I see it creeping through all the layers of snow, I realize that She can't be far away.

The noisy chirps and twitters make me smile every time I open the door or window.  Because, YES I CAN OPEN WINDOWS NOW.  Even if it's only for a few hours in the afternoon, an open window and the fresh breeze makes a house feel clean.  

I'm also hoping for some of that fresh breeze to blow the germs away!

There is green popping and poking through all the brown, as well.  The animals are rolling in the dry dirt and chasing bugs and birds and other flying things.

pick-up football 3

But, most of all, the thing that is announcing Her arrival the most vocally, is the sound of kids playing.  Outside.


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Jen said...

Love your writing! Sorry you has sick kiddos. Hoping they are better today!