Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring flowers, even though it's dry as a bone

I think I saw that the humidity level around these parts is at about 18%.  That is seriously dang low.  Everything is dry, dry, dry.  And with the snow pack so low this year, I guess there's not much of a chance for a good spring melt to nourish the soil.

Did I just talk small weather talk on my blog?  Why, yes I did!


But, it's all to say that while it's warm and springy here, there is nothing blooming just yet.  I had three sick kids, stuck inside when it was beautiful outside the other day and we needed something serious to do.

I saw a craft on Crafty Crow just that morning that I thought would be fun and fairly easy, yet still take up a good amount of time.  Sometimes you need a craft like that.  So, of course I Pinned it and then set out find all the necessary ingredients:  recyclables.  My favorite for any craft.  Free and ready to follow the 3Rs:  reduce, reuse, recycle.  (Will that song now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day?  It could be worse.)

The blog it came from is called Makes and Takes (very cute) and the craft is an Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage.  She posted a great and very cute tutorial and I'm not about to type all that out when you can just go on over there and enjoy her goodness.

However, I do have some photos (did you expect any less?) of our own venture into "indoor gardening".

Utterly messy, yet perfectly crafty!

We used a green Puffs box, green felt and colored paper for the stems.
Then we used old magazines to find pretty colors and cut out flower-shapes.

 Our indoor garden!

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Jen said...

Seriously cute! Will have to try just for the color factor...such a dull spring look even though the weather is nice;)