Thursday, March 29, 2012

Playdough love....or hate, depends

We love playdough around here.  At least I love it until it's time to clean up.  And then I hate it.  Loath is probably a better word.

The kids do a pretty good job getting the tools and most of the dough put away, zipped up and back into the craft cabinet.  Just not all the dough gets collected.

Typically I have them play at the kitchen table, that way I just just wipe up the table and sweep up the floor.  But every now and then, they'll beg to be on the floor.  It must be more fun, right?

So, after always saying NO, I finally gave in and entered The Mat into the playdough equation.

Super simple, but, for whatever reason, it took years of Mommy-hood for me to realize this solution.  It's just a cheap, vinyl tablecloth from WalMart.  I believe it was even on clearance.  It's a bit worse for the wear since we use this guy for numerous art projects now, so I'll be on the lookout for a new one soon.  But it works!

Do you love playdough or hate it?  Do you spell it playdough or play-doh with a space in between play and dough, a hyphen or nothin'?  Questions, questions.


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1 comment:

Jen said...

Play-doh I guess. My mind has been warped!! Great idea...I don't like it in my carpet so may have to try this:)