Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A lovely, relaxing half hour spent

I had to make the weekly trip to the Big Blue Box Store today.  I just looove that Blue Box Store, too, by the way.

I love how the aisles have been stacked sky high with pallets of things like teetering Fruity Pebbles boxes, uneven stacks of canned green beans and avocados refusing to just not roll off.  It's just fine that I have to double my shopping time because I'm weaving in and around these pallets to avoid fellow shoppers. Really, having the ability for two shopping carts to pass each other in one aisle would just be silly anyway.  Wasteful, even.  Why give carts space when you can put stuff there?

That doesn't bother me at all!

And really, where else can you go to get a gun, bullets, a bowie knife, a rubber mallet, a tent AND a snack box of Goldfish crackers? All in one place!  That is a serious one-stop-shop if I ever saw one.  It's all so very convenient.  Possibly part of the American dream.

And, incidentally, it didn't bother me at all that the guy in front of me in check-out had every single one of those precise items on the conveyer belt.  Nope, not one bit.

And my favorite, most delightful part about the shopping experience that is the Big Blue Box Store, is the new arcade-game room you've so thoughtfully placed---right at the front of the store!  Just where my little boy can see it every.single.time and beg to go in.  Because right next to the Lowly the Worm ride, so cute with his apple and little green hat, is the Great Big Demon Voiced Terminator Game!  What a GREAT combination, Blue Box Store!  It's genius, really.  Because when my little guy says he's scared at night due to the Demon Voiced Arcade Game, I can just remind him of sweet little Lowly worm, sitting there right beside the evil game.  Again, the convenience

So thoughtful.

There is truly nothing more relaxing than a shopping trip.  Very therapeutic.

*The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are completely my own.  The Big Blue Box Store neither knows me, nor have they paid me for sharing my thoughts and opinions.

**I am not delusional and I do not think that they would have paid me, anyway.

***I just felt the need to be clear on the above point.

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