Thursday, March 1, 2012

in like a ..... LION, a very snowy lion

Is the weather weird all over today?  I saw the Pacific Northwest got snow.  We are getting snow after having an extremely low snowfall year.  It was going to be in the 70s in Missouri where my folks live.  Weird.

I'm hoping the old adage is true and that March will go out like a lamb.  A nice, gentle, warm lamb.  I can hope, right?

The irony is that this week is our school's Spring Break--yes, it is!

We left Saturday for a few days in Denver.  When we left, there was only a smattering of snow here and there.  When we drove in last night, there was at least 8 inches on our deck.  We awoke this morning to at least 8 more and it has continued to snow

Denver was a great and a much needed time out of the valley.  Our activities mainly revolved around which restaurant we were eating at for lunch and/or dinner.  However, we did manage to get a few really fun things in, one of which was the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We had no idea but we completely lucked out and the day we choose to go was the free day for Colorado residents.  Yes:  FREE.  We love free!

Such a fun day and trip!  Because the museum was  free, we splurged on the Flying Monsters IMAX movie.  Why on EARTH must they call these things "monsters"?  Do they want to scare all the little boys and girls who hear the word and thing fangs, blood and gore?  Seriously, what's wrong with the editors?  We ended up just calling it "Flying Dinosaurs" because that's what it was really about, not vampires or Godzilla.

Is it snowing where you live?  Sunny and 70?  Snowy and windy?  I heard there was a tornado in Branson, MO!  WOW!

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