Friday, March 16, 2012

Diggin' it

1.  Spring:  'Tis the season to be.....brown?  Yep.  With Spring comes mud and wet.  March may be our highest snowfall month (although this year is not shaping up to the norm), but April will most certainly bring it's showers.  My kids may just find some cute rain boots tucked in next to their Peeps and jellybeans in this years' Easter baskets.

Picnik collage

Aren't they cute?

2.  Every blog needs a cause

3.  Pinterest.  I love, love, love Pinterest!  Are you pinning yet?
  • I am now on the lookout for an inexpensive dispenser jar for some awesomely easy bubble fun.
  • I made this yesterday and it was DIVINE.
  • I am just itching to hang this somewhere in my home.
  • Sprite has been wanting a new lamp (i.e. not a baby lamp) for her room and I've been hesitating to buy her one because her current one works perfectly well.  Here's a solution! (fantastic blog, by the way)
  • And I really, really want to try making these.  Too cute!

4.  We are studying Matthew in our women's Bible study.  This blog post was poignant and gave a new way for me to look at the parables Jesus told.

5.  We finally got our third photo taken for the wall art we want to hang in the living room.  (I'll show you once we actually get it hung up--baby steps!)  I used Mpix to have it printed, like I always do when I'm going hang something up in our home.  It turned out fantastic, the quality and service that they provide is just great.  If you have photos you want to frame, use a good printing company.  There are a lot of great companies out there, too, so do some research and choose what's best for you and your family.  You don't have to be a professional photographer (obviously, yours truly raising her hand here and waving) to use professional services and get great quality and service.  (This is NOT a paid endorsement, is it silly that I have to say that?  I just really love the company.)

Have a fantastic Friday!  Our guest room is clean and ready--yay!  I was a rock star yesterday and stayed busy cleaning and kept the washing machine churning.  So today is full of gymnastics, more errands and picking up tired little kids from school.

What does your Friday look like?

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