Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Loves

I just have a few things knocking around my head tonight.  Nothing major.  Nothing revolutionary.  Most likely nothing of interest, even!  Onward!

Adam and I caught the last 30 minutes of The Voice the other night and we are officially HOOKED.  Despite the long set of commercials after every.single.performance (geeze, seriously?) we kept watching.  The DVR will take care of that little issue in the future.  Thank goodness.

Valentine's Day is coming up.  Certainly, a "holiday" I've never been fond of; however, a few years ago we declared it a "family holiday" and it's been great!  I fix a nice dinner, we have dessert (dessert on a weeknight?  yes, please!) and all pressure is taken off Adam and myself.  Love that.

The kids both made their Valentine's this year again.  I'll share those soon.  Sprite even designed her own cards using Picnik. 

Ruby has begun giving hugs.  She lunges at your leg like she's going to bite, but then she grabs on (no claws!) and meows.  Love that cat.  love her.

Our small group is reading and discussing Radical by David Platt.  Wow.  Seriously compelling, convicting and just plain hard sometimes.

The kids and I just finished The Last Battle by C.S.Lewis.  The last book in the series.  I cried.  A lot.  Adam came over to ask what in the world was wrong.  The kids kept asking if I needed a tissue.  They are so used to me and my tears.  Oh!  What an amazing, fun, beautiful representation of God and heaven!!  I just about couldn't get it out when it says, "And as He spoke He no longer looked to them like a lion."  Oh, how I LOVE THAT.  And what was even better was when all three kids said, "It's Jesus!!"  And Puck topped it off by saying he wished we were in heaven right now.  Gracious.

Speaking of books, I'm currently reading "The Flight of Gemma Hardy" by Margot Livesey.  I was loving it.  But yesterday I had to put it down and I can't even LOOK at it because I just can't bear to read it right now.  The sad-potential is so great at this moment in the story.  And there's still half  of it left!  What should I do?  Prolong the agony of not knowing but still have hope that all ends well?  Or pick it up and succumb to whatever the author has in store?  I'm such a sucker for a happily ever after.  Real life is full of non-happy endings, why read about fictional ones?  Yet.....I do.  I guess I'm a sucker for those, too.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for a good story, happy or sad.  You?  Any body read this one yet?  What should I do:  carry on or take it back to the library?  No spoilers, please!  **edited to say this:  I know this book is a modern day Jane Eyre, so there is real hope.  And I loved Jane Eyre.  Loved.**

A Sunday night to you all, or a happy Monday, depending on when you're reading (or any other day of the week, for that matter)!

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