Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creating a Watermark using iPiccy

So many of you have made your own printable using Picnik!  It's so fun, isn't it?  Now unfortunately, the day after I posted that tutorial, Picnik announced that they would be closing--BOO!  However, since then another nearly-equally great site has been brought to my attention (if you read just a handful of the comments over at Picnik about their closure, you'll find folks are just not too happy about it.)  I must have read about four or five other sites to try for photo-editing, so there are more out there.

I decided to try my hand at iPiccy, and besides not being sure if that "i" is a short- or long-vowel (see, there's the teacher in me working her way to the front), it holds promise.  They also have a Facebook page where they are encouraging fans to let them know what they'd like to see there in the future.  It really does sound like something that could be fantastic once they're out of Beta.

I had been using Picnik to watermark my photos and I loved it because it has such great fonts and so many to choose from.  By the way, just like the printables tutorial, there are A TON of great tutorials on how to watermark using many, many programs, so I'm just adding my own.....spin?....take?.....whatever to it.  This is such an easy way to mark photos as yours that are out there on the web.  Intellectual property (IP) is important, protect what is yours!  (I typically forget and have to go back and fix my lapse after posting.  Shhh, don't tell the IP police.)

how to Watermark

Let's start by opening a new tab into iPiccy and click "Start Editing".  Upload your photo of choosing and you'll soon have this screen staring at you across your keyboard.

WM 1a

Click the tab at the top that says "Text".

WM 2a

Then go over and choose which text style you'd like and hit "Add New Text".  A box will appear and you can type in whatever floats your boat.  Incidentally, you can do either one of these first, the order doesn't matter.  Options!

Here you can choose what color you'd like your text to be, size it, fade it out so it just shows up, etc.  Oh, and this is what you'd do anytime you want text on your photo. It could be for any reason, not just for a watermark.  Like maybe you want to tell your mom you love her and so you find this old photo and post it because her birthday is Saturday.

CHS Women-mom2

You know, any reason.

BUT FOR A WATERMARK, you would probably want to make it a bit less conspicuous.  There are several "blending modes" that you could use, but I typically choose "Overlay".

WM 4a

All you have to do then is move the text where you want it to be on your photo. Voila!

So has anybody else out there tried iPiccy yet?  I really hope to see collage on there in the future.  Also, more fonts, and linking up with Flickr would be great.  OH!  And I almost forgot!  You can create a printable with iPiccy exactly the same way as you do on Picnik, you just have to use their "Color Tint" button which can be found under "Editor" after you've uploaded that blank page you saved from Paint. 

What other online editing tools have you just love and find easy to use?  I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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