Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winnie and Ruby

These guys crack me up.

morning watch

The big one on the left is my best running partner, keeps my feet warm and is great for taking care of crumbs left in chairs by children.

The little one on the right keeps my lap warm, entertains us with her feline craziness and is great, cuddling and that's about it.

They are quite good friends, even given their polar oppositeness. However, like most childhood friendships, there must be a leader and a follower.  Ruby is the clear leader and bullies Winnie, despite Winnie weighing in at probably 10 times the cat's weight.  And sometimes I think Winnie thinks she should mind....and then other times....

Picnik collage

Clearly, Winnie could not care less that the little cat has taken over her enormous bed and she is left to sprawl on the hardwood floor.

Such is life at our house.

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