Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Man oh man, it's Wednesday already.  I've got whiplash just from the days flying by so fast.


We've been hunkered down here, it's been really cold.  Today is warmer and the sun is battling the clouds for stage time.



Basketball is in full swing with both Sprite playing and Adam coaching (not the same teams, that would certainly have simplified things!).

I finally switched out our summer sports equipment and hats for mittens, balaclavas and hand warmers.  I guess I was pipe dreaming that winter might give us a big ol' break this year.  Like I said, a pipe dream.



I'm not great at taking food photos, they are so hard, but you have GOT to make these skinny chocolate chip buttermilk scones.  Make them today for an afterschool snack.  HOLY MOLY these guys are yummy. 

Great time in the word this morning.  I love when God gives words that literally feel like they were written for me--which I guess they were!

Time to leave so I can go get the kids from school.  Have a great afternoon!

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