Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wearing my heart around my neck

Today I got dressed and slipped this necklace over my head.  

necklace crop
Please excuse my snarly lip, I think I was asking what Puck wanted for lunch and the unch in lunch must make my lip do that.  Ugh.

Sprite made this for me and gave it to me on Christmas Eve.  I wore it that night, but haven't since.  I wore this necklace for the first time in two months because I want my daughter to know she means the world to me.  I want her to only hear guidance and love in my voice, even if it's spoken in a reprimand.  I want her to know I love her, that I will always hold her tight to my heart.  I want to laugh and joke with her.  I want to be the first one she comes to with a joy, with a heartbreak, with a worry.

I want this for each one of my kids.  

And I've always wanted that.  But sometimes I need a gentle reminder.
Yesterday,  a grief-stricken mother, who had just lost her precious son, looked me in the eyes and said, 
"Go love your kids, just love them!"

And that is what I will do.  What I have always tried to do.  And will always strive to do
And I know I will fail.  There will be days of poor decisions, of heartache, of disappointment.
But, by God's grace, I hope to have more great days than not.

I love my kids, I love them with everything in me.  

So, even though the necklace isn't probably what I'd pick out from the store, the flower doesn't quite say my name and the clasp itched my neck all day long, I won't wait so long to wear it again.  I'll wear this gift of love from my daughter, knowing each time I touch it that she made it just for me.  Because she wanted to give me something.  Something from her.  

Something that says, "I love you, Mom." 

And it's absolutely perfect.

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Jen said...

Well said Beth! This week every time I am short with the boys I think of them. Thanks for the reminder!