Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simple solutions: silverware in the dishwasher

This post comes courtesy of my friend Carrie who is so gosh darn funky and cute.  I just love her. 

We were chatting in the back of story hour while our sons were enraptured by Froggy and his antics.  (On a side note, I can't stand that series of books and I'm so happy the children's librarian is willing to read them to the kids because if I had to read them I would surely tear my hair out.  My kids have all loved them and they completely irritate me.  Is it just me?)  She told me her husband had finally come around to her way of thinking about loading the silverware in the dishwasher.  I had to ask, what was this way.

Carrie loads all the silverware of the same make into the same slot in her dishwasher.


Well, that is a seriously smart idea!  I had never even considered it!

My goodness, we use a lot of spoons!

If you load it this way, which doesn't take any longer to load then just throwing everything in every which way (which was my old method), then all you have to do when it comes time to unload is grab the whole bunch and clunk it in your drawer.

Easy peasy.

Does anybody else already do this?  Don't you love simple solutions to everyday tasks?  I do!

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Jen said...

I like Froggy with the exception of his Wwhhaaaaat? Manners please:) But a great book to teach your kids about onamonapeaia...I totally botched that spelling!! And we are soooo not that organized with our spoons! But love the idea;)