Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the old....

Happy New Year!

I love Christmas.  I really do.  Until on or about December 27th.  And then I am DONE.  At least with all the decorations, the music and that tree dropping needles all over my living room floor!

I've heard that we should have a heart of Christmas-time all year long and that I understand.  Peace and joy for the world?  Yes.  Family and togetherness?  Yes.  Jesus taking the form of a baby to be Savior to us?  Yes.  Absolutely.

But the needles?  Nope.

So, the calendar has turned.  It's another year.  A time for a fresh start.  Do you make resolutions?  I don't.  I used to and then I never kept them, so I stopped making them.

However, there is a way around the whole resolution thing that I can get into.  Goals.  Yep.  It's basically the same thing, except that goals can be reached for, worked toward, looked forward to, and if they're never met, well then, that's ok.  It was just a Goal.  There's always next year.

But a resolution.....oh......a resolution just has a more grandiose ring to it.  And resolutions are typically more extreme in their verbiage.

Take for example:  "I resolve to work out every day in 2012."

Really?  EVERYDAY?!  Do you realize how many days that IS?  It's a lot, is all I'm saying, and "everyday" doesn't account for the flu, your kid's flu, the dog's flu or a really cold/hot/rainy/humid day.

I do have goals, though!

Goal #1:  To exercise (I took up running this summer and would like continue to increase my distance)
Goal #2:  To serve fish more (I have a sub-topic goal of getting Sprite to not gag when fish is served--wish me luck with that one!)
Goal #3:  To be intentional (with my kids, with Adam, in my work, around the house, with friends, with my time)

I will probably fall short of doing those things this year, but since they are goals I will not have failed, I will just have room to grow.

I like room to grow.  I'm a whole house of rooms to grow.


So what about you?  Do you make resolutions?  Goals?  Plans?


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Jen said...

I suppose I make achievable goals....but not big on resolutions. Our decorations are down but everything looks so plain for days!!