Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Of food and horses

One thing I'm trying to do for our budget and our health this year is eat fish once a week and to also eat vegetarian once a week.  I guess that's really two things.

My kids are really great eaters for the most part and so when they saw the photo in the magazine of what was for dinner, they were actually really excited.  It looked super good!


It was full of ingredients we all love:  spinach, feta, couscous, tofu, topped with a tzatziki sauce. Yum!

Only I didn't have tofu.  I completely blanked this week.  I even looked at the tofu and I think I was thinking I could get it at Costco cheaper so I waited, and of course I haven't been to Costco this week.  Oy.

So I thought of what I could add to create a binder and proteins and then OF COURSE--BEANS!  Perfect.....or so I thought.

The patties were really pretty, and they smelled really good.  But, unfortunately, Puck's description sums it up best:

"Mom, they taste like what horses smell like!"

And in case there is any wondering, that is not a compliment.  Also, I asked him to please not compare my cooking to an animal's smell, but that he was welcome to think whatever he needed to and just please eat your salad, ok?

And, just for the record, I don't think it tasted like what a horse smells like.  However, it did have a certain.......earthiness to it.

I'm thinking tofu might really help this dish because surely, surely the cooks at EatingWell haven't gone and lost all their marbles creating this dish.  These cooks have never steered me wrong and I can't imagine that they would start now.

So, this meal will be going back on the menu.  But I'll wait several weeks.  Possibly even a few months.  The goal is to give it enough time for the kids' memories to fade.

Oh, and for the record, when slathered with tzatziki sauce, these were edible and the other two plus this mama did pretty well with their plates.

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