Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gracious, it's Thursday

I had a witty title for this post all worked out in my head.  Something like "Wednesday Ramblings" (see, I totally told you it was witty) and then I realized it wasn't Wednesday anymore.  It was Thursday.  And Thursday, for that matter, is nearly over.

It's been a hard week, you all.  Hard in the way that sudden and unlooked for tears are hard.  The tightness in my chest making it hard to breath kind of hard.  Hard like body-wracking grief can only be.

And I am only an outsider in this tragedy.

moon 6 watermark

This year, way back on January One when I wasn't making 'resolutions' but 'goals' (yes, please, I know, semantics Beth, semantics) I decided to join in on Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare.  I take time each day to actually write down at least 3 simple joys during the day.

Some days are easier than others.

Some days are difficult.

This week, until this evening, was impossible.

My notebook was left sitting on the shelf.  I opened it a few times and stared at the pages.
They stared right back.

Then, tonight, after tucking my children into bed, I opened it again and began to remember.  The week brought sadness, yes, but those simple joys, so easily overlooked, were there as well.

A walk with a friend.

That sweet reminder of love.

Listening to my newly-literate kiddo read and get excited about reading more.

Watching a boy write neatly and on the lines!!! without reminders.

Quiet snow falling.

Smoothies for dinner and the kids being thrilled about it.

The page filled without effort and I was so thankful for the simple joys in this life.  God is good.  Even when we don't understand, God is good.  Life can be sweet.  And the joys are there, often missed, but can be seen if we are able to look and see.

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