Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to Kindergarten

I got the email I've been waiting for.  Not like excitedly waiting for, just, you know, knew it was coming.

And dreading it.


It was the email from our school about Puck's Kindergarten playdate.  They do this every January, a time for the prospective Kinders and their parents to come in, see the school (if they haven't before), meet the teachers and staff and to get a feel for the school.

I thought I would get it and have a negative reaction.  Not that I ever have a negative reaction--no never!--HA, not even close.  I have to really fight negativity.  So, needless to say (after that rather personal confession), I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not exactly unhappy about this playdate.


I cannot tell you how happy this not-exactly-unhappy-feeling made me!  I can do this, you all!  I can send my last one off to Kindergarten and know that he will be happy and safe, and I, too, will be happy and safe!  And not sad. 

And maybe be able to clean the house without a whirlwind destroying it behind me as I go.

Picnik collage

These guys may not smell good, but they at least do not actively try to create mess.

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