Friday, January 20, 2012

Creating your own printable

Have you seen all the super cute printables all over Pinterest and the world wide web at large?  I love printed words as art.  Do you?  A few days ago I was reading through my reader and found one of my favorite blog authors (Thrifty Decor Chick) had done a tutorial on how to create your own printable in Picnik.  I decided to create my own using a verse I've had scrawled on a piece of paper and taped onto the wall above my sink for several years now.  Periodically, I have to write out another one because the water splashes up and ruins it eventually.  It's sort of grimy looking and not very nice, but I love this verse and often read it to remind myself of God's truths.  I think a nice framed print of this verse would have better presentation in my kitchen!

So, here you go, my own tutorial (there are others out there that are great, but I thought it'd be fun {not to mention, good practice for me actually doing a tutorial--they are a lot of work!} to show you how I did my own).

Go to Paint from your Start button.  Don't do anything there, just save it as a Blank Document.  I saved this right onto my desktop so it is easily accessible, but you could make a folder for it, too. 

paint screen

Then open Picnik and upload this blank document.

picnik screen

Now you have a blank canvas to work with. 
Go to Effects and find the Duo-Tone effect.  Choose any colors you like.

duo tone screen

Now go to the Basic Edits screen and first choose Rotate if you'd like it to be vertical.  If you want horizontal or square, just leave it.  Then click on Crop and choose the size you'd like it to be. I rotated mine to be vertical and then chose an 8 x 10 crop.  The reason behind this is because when you go to print it, if you want 8 x 10, but only crop for a 5 x 7, the proportion on your page will be off and you'll end up chopping off some of your pretty words.  You don't want that!

Basic Edits screen

Next, clik on Text and type in what you want.  There are a ton of great fonts there for FREE!  Now it's time to use what you like, have fun and be creative! 

sticker screen

The last thing I want to show you is the stickers.   Click on that button and you'll see a lot of available stickers.  I scrolled down till I found the Floralia line.  Choose any you like and click on it, it will show up as black on your printable.  Enlarge it or rotate as you like.  Then, go to the Advance Blend Modes and choose Overlay.  Cool!

Overlay screen

You could do this with anything!  And, what a great gift it would make, don't you think?  Just print it off at home or your local copy shop, grab a frame and you're done!  I, of course, have not printed mine off yet, I told you I'm a procrastinator. 

1 john 3:20 aqua

Now go forth and CREATE!!

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Love this! I will try!