Saturday, December 3, 2011

A quiet morning

It snowed last night.  It's still snowing right now.

The fire is on.  Soft Christmas music in the background.

My girl is at a slumber party (of which I'm sure there was little actual slumber; I truly hope she's not a complete bear later today), so the boys slept in til nearly 8am.  She's our insomniac and tends to not be able to be quiet when she wakes up so early, so, therefore everyone in the near vicinity (a.k.a her brothers) should also be awake.  It was lovely to have the house quiet until so late an hour.  Just me, the dog and cat.

My husband left early this morning to catch a plane.  He's making a quick visit to his parents.  I hope the snow doesn't delay his flight.

My boys are now sitting in front of the fire and Scamp is reading Christmas books to Puck.  It is a precious sight.  Gotta love Auntie Claus.  Yesterday I switched out all our fall related books for the Christmas/winter related in our basket we keep in the living room. (That sentence felt convoluted, I do apologize.)

We still don't have our Christmas tree.  Do you?  Thanksgiving weekend was just too early to get it, our climate is so very dry that I would be sweeping up needles by the shovelful by mid-December and would most likely be left with an even more-than-usual Charlie Brown Christmas tree by New Years.  And now Adam is out of town so we won't be doing the annual tree hunt this weekend.  I'm slightly tempted to head down the street to our local pub and buy a tree off their lot but I'm a bit scared of the price tag.  (Is that weird to anyone else, that a pub would sell trees?  maybe it's just me.)

So while we don't have a tree up yet, and it doesn't look like that will happen til next weekend at the earliest, we might pull out the Christmas decorations and get started on the other things while we wait. 

Are your decorations up yet?

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