Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hi All!

Just stepping in real quick this Thursday morning.  My parents are visiting and I always seem to neglect the ol' blog while we have visitors, I thought I give a quick update on happenings in this part.

The last week was insanely busy.  I know schools must do all the holiday celebrations before break and all that, but my goodness it does wear on me!  Between shopping, running up and down valley, wrapping, baking and cooking, we squeezed in the three last games of the season (one basketball and two volleyball) and a piano recital.  Last, but certainly, not least, Friday afternoon after school let out Adam had surgery on his elbow to remove the hardware he had put in when he broke it on Memorial Day weekend. 

Thursday afternoon we learned that what we had erroneously thought would be an easy, short 30 minute surgery, was actually going to be an extensive, long surgery (90min-2 hours).  Gracious.  With some string pulling and finagling, we were able to secure a babysitter for the evening and an awesome friend (which turned into TWO friends due to one other unforeseen event--funny how things work like that) took my kids for the afternoon.  Adam was admitted at 4:00 and surgery was set for 5:00.

He didn't go in till 9:30pm.

9:30.  PM.

The surgery did indeed last long:  2 1/2 hours.  They called me back at 11:40 and we finally made it home at 3:00am.

Good golly, we were exhausted the next day.  The kids were amazing, though, and we were both able to rest.  The great news is Adam has complete range of motion back and he's feeling quite good. 

Now here we are, a week later, and Christmas is in four short days.  Snow fell last night and it really does feel like winter finally!

Merry Christmas!  I'm so thankful for you who read this nonsense and for those who comment!  Our Christmas card was another fiasco I didn't even want to touch, so three time is a charm and Costco saved the day (again!).  Here's a fair rendition:

Christmas 2011


Jen said...

Gorgeous card! Merry Christmas! Enjoy time with your parents!!

Timi said...

What a busy Thursday you had! I am glad everything ok with you now and Adam is feeling fine :o)!
Your Christmas card is beautiful!!!
Merry Christmas!