Thursday, November 17, 2011

Round three *dingdingding*

I didn't even tell you about round two, did I?

After Scamp was sick all weekend long, Sprite came down with whateveritis on Wednesday and is still feeling pretty puny, although she is on the mend, just super tired.

This morning, Puck walked up the stairs at an unusually slow pace.  That's never a good sign as this child typically wakes up with a pop and hits the ground with both feel moving.  Sure enough, same thing.


Fever, stomach issues, ear and head pain, general it the flu?  Is that going around?

Now we just wait, wait, wait.  Wait for Adam to get it.  Wait for me to get it.  Wait for us to get it here right before Thanksgiving.  Oh, how I am just intensely praying that we just don't get it!

It's possible, even if it's not probable.  But adults can throw off things that kids don't, right?  

I got my turkey today.  I knew Sprite was feeling pretty badly when she was ok with me leaving for 30 minutes to run to the store.  That is unheard of in this house. 

I woke up last night worrying about getting a turkey.  Woke up worrying about a turkey.  Did I just say that?  Sometimes I lose sleep over the weirdest things.

Now I need to plan what we'll have with the bird.  There's been a little less enthusiasm in the past week over our meal due to the fact of The Illness.  Do you all have your plans made?

One more random thing:  I'm really, really, really hoping to get our family photo taken this weekend if everyone can just stay healthy please!  It's really beautiful right now and it would be great to capture something before the snow flies.  **Edit to add:  Shoot, just looked at the weather and they are calling for snow.  Poo.**

A last question for you today to either make me feel better about my weirdness or to just increase the feeling that my weirdness is my own:
  Do you wake up worrying about food?

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