Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our house this weekend and yesterday.
O reading
Poor Scamp got hit with some sort of nasty virus.  Whatever got to him last week seemed to take a few days off and then returned with a vengeance for the weekend.  Those cushions that they’re all laying on are all off the couch today and are getting a good washing.  It’s just been lovely around here!

Every time he laid down on the couch (which, like I said, was most of the weekend and yesterday) the cat would climb right up with him.  She seemed to love pinning his legs down and he was so still she wouldn’t move until he got up.  It was really quite sweet and he loved the comfort she gave.

Puck was just thrilled to pieces to have his brother home from school with him!  Didn’t seem to bother him that Scamp wasn’t feeling up for any playtime, just his presence was enough to make him happy.

Here's hoping every one else can stay well!

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