Sunday, November 13, 2011

Night Out

Last night was our big fancy gala at school.  Every year I am amazed at the transformation that comes to that gym.  It is really wonderful!  Even with the goal-keeper subtly flashing on the ceiling, it is hard to remember you’re in a school gymnasium at all.

And get this:  I wore heels and survived!  I didn’t trip, fall, wobble or otherwise embarrass myself or Adam in anyway.  Miracles!  Not only did I not do those things, I actually felt confident walking in them.  Wow.  Until by 9pm when my feet started to cramp up.  Fortunately by then we were seated at a table and I could inconspicuously take them off.  Praises for a floor-length table cloth!

The theme of the night was Arabian Nights or something of that sort.  There were floating lanterns, candles, flowing silks, Mediterranean food and belly dancers.  Did you get that:  belly dancers.


Then this was on our table
Can you make out the name on the tag on the left-hand side?  Mm, hmm.  We ended up buying this guy.  Scamp will be pleased and I’m hoping I can keep this real live palm tree alive.  Any tips?  Just so you know, I sort of have a brown-thumb when it comes to inside plants.

Our awesome babysitter took our picture.  Adam just loves having his picture taken.  Loves it I tell you.
 Awesome background, don’t you think?  We have nowhere in our house to take a nice photo unless the Christmas tree is up.  And it’s not up—yet!


I even painted my nails.  I cannot remember the last time I had my fingernails painted.  Do you paint your nails?  How about the toes—do you get a pedi every now and then?  The last time I had a pedi was in NYC with my girls.

I think I really am that pasty white, too, although I did choose to use a lighter filter on Instagram (oh my, another subject for another post!), so maybe I’m not quite that ghostly white in real life.

Overall a very fun night.  Certainly not a typical date night for us.  I mean, belly dancers?  The last time we had belly dancers within arm’s reach we were in Turkey.  A lifetime ago, it seems.

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