Thursday, November 10, 2011

A list a.k.a "Why I am so gosh darn tired this morning"

Sounds that it is always too smack dab in the middle of the night to hear:

  • a smoke detector battery beeping--these always go out in the middle of the night--why?
  • the splat of dog vomit hitting the floor--a gross, but true, reality.  Many of you are nodding right now.
  • the wail of the baby you just put down after feeding.  This isn't in my near past; however, I still hear that sound in my head some nights.  Does that make me mental?
  • the scrape of the snow plows on an ice-hardened road that's a result of snow that fell too early in the night to cause school to be canceled but not early enough so that the roads will truly be cleared and safe by the time carpool rolls around.
And I will now add these words to my least favorite things heard at 4:20 am:

"Mom, I just totally threw up."

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