Friday, November 4, 2011


Today is a non sequitur kind of day.  It necessitates a similar post. 

  • I survived last night, but not without tears.  They were  not induced by the thoughts of my and my baby's fleeing youth, however; the senior who spoke and has been there since Kindergarten herself teared up and I lost it.  I am a sympathetic crier.
  • Thanksgiving is just three weeks away.  Is it just me, or do things seem to pop up out of the blue these days?  We don't have any specific traditions for Thanksgiving except to serve turkey--how can you not?  I have, however, read about some fun traditions for Thanksgiving this week:
    • Michelle talks about her family's Thankful Three.
    • Meredith talks about their Thankful Turkey (how cute!).
    • and this post talks a lot about traditions in general this time of year.
  •  My kids keep asking when we're going to get skis.  The pass office (where you get lift passes) opened today.  We had our first decent snow Wednesday.  ("Decent" in this sentence is equivalent to "it's still here two days later", not "totally stinking awesome", although my opinion tends to not be the same as others who live here.)  We have our flannel sheets and down comfortable on the beds.  It's official:  Winter is here.  Waaaaa.
  • That video that I took of Puck the other day, that made me go back and look at the other videos of the kids got me thinking that I need more videos of the kids.
  • My cat is snoring in the chair next to me.  I have never known a cat to snore.
  • We ran out of food for Winnie yesterday so I cooked a few eggs for her breakfast to tide her over until we got some real dog food.  About two hours after she consumed the eggs, she scratched at the door and I did not immediately get up to let her out.  She made me regret so many things about that morning.
  • The gala I was telling you about is next Saturday and I still haven't practiced in my heels.  My friend Kim (who doesn't live here, but oh! how I wish she did and she and I could go to this thing together!) says she likes heels and I also wish she lived here so she could help me practice walking in heels.  Any tips, Kim?
  • We have yet to take our family picture this year.  Christmas card season is quickly approaching.  Maybe this weekend I'll be able to talk the fam into a photo shoot.  Maybe I'll pull out the ol' "it's my birthday and I can do what I want" card.  Think it will work?  Do you have your photo for your Christmas card?  Do you do Christmas cards?  
Have a great Friday, you all!  Hope it's warmer where you are then it is here!

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