Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feel the burn

It's cold outside.  Therefore, I haven't run in awhile.  I know they make cold-weather running pants and tops and all that, but honestly.  If it's sub-freezing temps, I'm just not going out unless I have to, and that's just out to the garage to get into my soon-to-be warm car.

Any body else with me on this??

My awesome sister-in-law (Carrie) has started a great new blog:  The Ready Set Go, Girl!  It's all about being a mom, fitness, eating healthy and all the things that come with being a girl on the go.  Head over and give her some bloggy-love!  She posted the other day the photo of Carrie Underwood that's been floating around the interweb where she's all rockin' her song and looking fab-u-lous with her super toned legs.  My goodness, that's some motivation to get moving.

So I did...I started with the lunges and squats she talked about.  Coupled with ab and arm work, I was tired at the end, but felt good.

And then I went to walk upstairs.  Um......

I was instantly reminded of my brief run-in with Tony of P90x fame.  I only met him on the Tube, but boy will I never forget what my legs felt like after only an hour with him.  Brutal.

Maybe I overdid the lunges and squats.  Exercise is not my specialty, I'm not fond of sweating in general, but as my age goes up, so does the number on the scale and, more importantly, my jean size.  ::sigh::

Today I went out with Puck to walk.  It wasn't as cold as it's been and the sun was out and I knew I would  need to stretch out my muscles because walking up and down stairs--oy!  He road his bike and laughed when he passed me.  Such a nice kid.

What do you do to get exercise?  Do you belong to a gym or swap play dates with friends in order to get out?  Do you drag your littles around with you in a jogging stroller or make them work it with you while you walk/run?

And, because I really hate the idea of posting without a photo to accompany text, here's something completely random and unrelated.


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