Monday, November 7, 2011

Day with our crew

Saturday was my birthday.  I'm just that much closer to 40 now.  But I'll always be younger than Adam--a fact I never let him forget!

We headed to Glenwood Springs because, and this is really exciting, we needed dog and cat food.  Woo!  The weather was so cruddy but thankfully the canyon wasn't covered in snow while we traveled.  We did our errands, had lunch out (so nice!) and headed home.

Adam cooked our dinner--seared scallops, lobster ravioli, Brussels sprouts and crash hot potatoes.  In a word:  YUM.  I did help just a bit, cooking is, after all, one of my true loves, but he wouldn't let me touch the dirty dishes.  A complete treat!  Dinner was so amazing!

Adam made this day so special for me, what an amazing guy!

Birthday lunch with my family
Lunch at Moe's

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