Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Annual Family Punishement, er I mean, Photograph!

We had planned on doing this a couple of weeks ago, but with all the sickness and general malaise that infected our household, we had to wait a bit.  Sunday was the day--it was gorgeous, sunny and not too terribly cold.  The sky was clear and everybody was feeling well.

I set up my tripod, got everybody standing where they needed to be and started snapping away with my uber cool remote--man, I love that thing!

This is for our Christmas card, so these are some of the outtakes (unedited!), of which there were many, many, many.

Clearly, I forgot that my arm sticking out there in front of my body holding the remote would be seen by all.  Silly.

So the remote is still showing in my hand, but I would be ok with this IF the kids had been looking at the camera and not trying to catch flies in their mouths.  Goodness.

Adam finally commandeered the remote because it just wasn't cooperating with me for some reason.

While I had tried to think of fun and slightly goofy things we could say that formed our mouth into a lovely smile, Adam decided to have us say that someone (no names) had, um, well, I'll say tooted because this is a clean blog and I wouldn't want to soil it all up having something as course as f*rted.


We did end up getting a nice shot (not shown here because, geeze, it's our Christmas card!)  Get a load of that backdrop!  So pretty.  We haven't had hardly any snow yet this year and our school is even trying to decide if there's enough to have our first Ski Friday, which is supposed to be THIS Friday.  That snow in the background is about the most you can see in these parts and I am loving it!  Call me crazy, but a good year is when the snow falls and then melts.

Here's the kicker on this year's photo--I even got them ordered last night.  Whoo hoo for checking off the list!

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