Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surfboards, sharks and sleepovers

When Sprite turned 10 two weeks ago she wanted her party to be special.  Like nothing she’s ever done kind of special.  We don’t do birthdays really big in our house, the two oldest have each had one large-ish party in the past, but when it came to being a decade old, we figured it was as good as as any to let her have a big shin-dig.

Her “ultimate” party included a sleepover, with a Movie Theme, popcorn, pizza and candy.
Sleepovers are something we are also not too big on over here.  We just don’t “do” sleepovers very often, but that’s a subject for another post.  Maybe.  It raises so many issues.


While the original guest list included every single girl she knew in our valley, we had to implement some guidelines.  She ended up inviting a few friends (four, to be exact, a very reasonable number of girls, not quite large enough to be a gaggle) who live right here in our little town.  That made drop off and pick up easy for parents. 

 Popcorn, pizza and candy.  Check!

Then came the grueling job of picking the movie to watch.  It was, after all, a Movie Theme Birthday Party.  Again, we’re pretty particular about what movies our kids watch.  What goes in that little mind will be with them the rest of their life.  Somewhere in the past few months, she became aware of the movie Soul Surfer from some friends.  We researched it and it made the cut.

I was a little concerned about the shark scene, but that toothy villain barely makes an entrance before he’s off the set again!  I actually turned my back for just a moment and it was over before I turned around.  The girls were fine.  I think the anticipation of knowing it was coming was much worse than actually seeing the attack.  This movie was great-a perfect choice for my girls Big Party!  It had definite elements that were a bit girlie, but mostly I think boys would enjoy this quite a bit, too.  What impressed me the most was that it had big stars (Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, Carrie Underwood) and yet the message about Christ was so clear!  Bethany Hamilton’s love for the Lord is obvious and her trust that what happened to her was in God’s plan for her life is an awesome message to anyone. 
The best moment of the entire party happened at the beginning of the movie.  The first scene shows Bethany and her family at their beautiful outdoor church worship service.  The choir and congregation are singing.  It took a moment to realize I wasn’t just hearing the music coming from the movie.  Sprite and her friends were all sitting on their sleeping bags in the living room  belting out Blessed Be the Name of the Lord.  THAT was sweet worship!  I actually choked up (big surprise!) and ran up to share the story with Adam.

It was just beautiful.

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