Sunday, October 30, 2011

Past week

1.  This whole writing thing is really kicking where it hurts.  I want to write, I want to get better.  Yet I get the block.  So I don’t write.  Therefore, I don’t get better.  It’s a real cycle.  Melissa posted all month long on writing your story.  I read every post.  And didn’t write.  Again, I want to write, I want to get better.  So, I’ll continue to write even with nothing to say.  Or, so it starts until I do start, because that’s often where inspiration strikes.

2.  It was a good week to be a Missourian. I spent the first 26 years of my life in Ol’ Missouri, Fair  Missouri.  First, the Cardinals won the World Series.  Then, the Tigers beat Texas A&M in a nail-biter of a football game.  Last, the St.Louis Rams played ridiculously well against the Saints.  I guess the Cards inspired greatness this week. 

3.  You know that friendship thing I was talking about?  On the same note, I love our small group and the discussions we’re having about our current read:  Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper.  One of the most challenging books I’ve read.  If you haven’t read it, please put it on your to-read list.

4.  Have read some really fun books so far this year.  A couple months to go.  I haven’t updated my book list in a bit, but will this week.  Next year I’m thinking seriously about reading mainly classics (War and Peace, Great Expectations, etc.), just to change things up a bit, to make me really think about what I’m reading.

5.  Puck’s birthday was Thursday.  Still, I am in shock I have all three children technically of school-age.  One of his presents was The Jesus Storybook Bible that came with audio CDs.  Every morning we have Bible time (a.k.a quiet time) and he listens and “reads” his Bible.  He’s listened to the same stories told now for a year.  This rendition has brought new life to his Bible time, and I’m enjoying it as well.  This children’s Bible was recommended so highly and it hasn’t disappointed.

6.  Our gala is coming up soon.  Must practice walking in heels.  I wobble so.  Do you?

7.  I’m glad Halloween is tomorrow night.  It’s not my favorite.  We’re having friends over, which is fun, but I’ll be glad to see all the scary house decorations replaced with cornucopias and Pilgrim hats.

8.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, have you started planning your feast?  Scamp just asked me today what we would be having.  That kid is really starting to think with his stomach—he’s eating more than me these days!

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