Friday, October 14, 2011

Night Game

Scamp's game Monday was a night game.  It’s starting to get dark now about 6:15 and is completely dark by 6:45.  I was skeptical when I noticed Scamp’s game scheduled at 6:30, but figured it was a typo and would be changed.  The coach thought the same, but we soon found out they were planning to turn on the lights.  Wow!


Look at that moon!

The kids’ excitement was tangible.  It was kind of thrilling.  There was almost the feeling of a high school Friday night football game.  I could almost smell popcorn and orange nacho cheese sauce.  I wouldn’t have been surprised had the pom pom squad and marching band come out to the field for a pre-game show.  Ahhh.  I don’t miss much of anything about high school, but Friday night football games are on the short list of sweet memories from those years.


The mountains practically glowed under the full moon.  Can you believe that snow?  It came last week and will most likely stick till next May.

It was a great game.  Scamp is in the blue pants up there.  I don’t think the game had started yet.  Only one more week of soccer left.  I will not be sorry to see it go.  It’s been fun, but I’m always ready for a more relaxed week and taking sports away for a few weeks won’t hurt anybody.

Until volleyball, gymnastics and basketball starts.  Oy.

What sports are you shlepping stuff to and fro for this time of year!

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