Monday, September 12, 2011

For the love of....BOOKS!

Puck and I have started Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  I've known about this book for awhile, several years, in fact.  Back in the day when I really was a homeschooling mom I would read on forums about other moms using this in their lessons and having success with it.  Then when the time came for Sprite to actually learn how to read, I found she already knew.  Weird.  It wasn't anything I had done, other than help her along in her love of books and reading by giving lots and lots of read aloud time and access to a ton of books.

Then we moved out here to Colorado, Sprite went to school and I left all that teaching stuff to the teachers.  They were very good, I had no worries.  Except that when Scamp was ready to enter Kindergarten I suddenly realized (a bit too late, I'm not at all sure where my brain was the past 2 years) he didn't know how to read.  I had somewhat eked out a few lessons here and there so he new the basics, and the bare basics at that.  He barely knew how to write his name.  And it was backwards or even up-side-down half the time!

How I had failed my poor, poor middle child!  Thankfully, he also had that same love of books and reading.  So, while it took longer for the kid, he eventually got it and now loves to read and is doing quite well.


I mentioned awhile back that it dawned on me quite recently that this was Puck's last year before Kinders.  (Oh my, still my heart beats just a little bit faster when I think of that!)  I was determined not to fail him in teaching him how to read.  And, please, before I move on, don't judge me because I'm wanting the kid to read before KindergartenThat's the the way it is now.  They practically ALL know how to read, so if mine doesn't, well, he's behind.

(And that's a whole other ball of wax I'm not even going to get into here on this blog.  If you know me, we can chat, otherwise, this will be the full extent of my opinion on the matter on this here platform.  I'm not here to pull out soap boxes.)


My friend used the 100 Easy Lessons for her kiddo to learn by and it was a success, so I thought I'd give it a try.  While we're only two weeks into things here, it is going really well!  He's ready to sit down and learn, focuses on the lesson and continues to talk about all the sounds we're learning throughout the day.  Hallelujah! 

Ok, so this post is extremely long and drawn out, I just had to share how our little pre-homeschooling journey is going so far this year. 

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