Thursday, September 1, 2011

First days

Our first week is nearly over.  Apparently I didn't look at my calendar well enough because when I posted two days ago I said that the next day was September 1.  Since today is obviously September 1, well, I'm just not used to looking at my calendar each morning yet.  Summer is beautiful in that I can go days and days with my little family planner/calendar staying shut and put away.  Autumn brings it out every single morning, often first thing.

Sprite and Scamp started 4th and 2nd grades, respectably.  Or is it respectfully?  I always get that one confused.

Puck has successfully completed four days of our home-preschool venture.  (More on that later.)

But I know what you're really wondering about.....


Adam returned after three days communing with some of his upper school students, nature and the llamas.

Eh?  What's that?

They hiked up to Booth Lake in Vail.  I would dearly love to visit this amazing spot, but a 6-mile hike with about 4,000 feet elevation gain is just not what our kids are capable of yet.  Some day, some day.

Adam came home singing the praises of llamas.  They can pack something like 40% of their body weight.  That puts us humans to shame.  Fortunately, we have other talents to fall back on.


Booth Lake is at about 12,000 feet.  That water, even at the end of August, would be crazy cold.  See the snow?  There were a handful of brave (or possibly deranged) souls willing to brave a swim out to that island.

Adam choose to hike further up the mountain.  Smart man.


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