Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Walk

I had no idea today is officially the first day of fall.  But it is!  Welcome to the best season!
Puck and I read some "fall-ish" books.  Poppleton in Fall is a goodie and I love Cynthia Rylant.  Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night is one that speaks to kids and the mama alike.  And then we threw in Where the Wild Things Are for good measure.  A book that fits any season, don't you think?  I'm a sucker for children's books with great illustration and witty verse.
We then decided to head out on a fall walk.  I had deemed today the day to clean the oven, so it was doubly good to get out of the house to avoid a possible smoke/stink induced headache.
It was just 9:00am, so still a bit chilly when we started.
We found a worm.

We collected leaves, which Puck later used to create a collage on construction paper.
This is one of the only truly orange leaves I've seen in our area.  Puck noticed that it matched his jacket.  Boys in orange jackets--love!
Are the leaves changing where you live?  I know these photos make it look like we're swimming in fall colors, but really we're not yet.  There are just a handful of trees changing so far.
The reminders that our fair weather is short-lived are everywhere.
What are you doing to celebrate this first day of Fall?
This evening is our school's Family Fun Run.  This will be the first year I've actually made it a fun run.  It's always been more of a fun walk for me.  Woo hoo for small steps-HA!

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