Friday, September 30, 2011

A bit MIA

There's a reason for my absence.
Things on my heart and mind this week:

First, Adam had knee surgery Monday.
He had it checked out a couple of weeks ago and what he thought was confirmed:  he had no ACL to speak of.  Which was why things like playing basketball and running hurt so much.  We don't even know when he tore it, probably high school.  So Monday was the big day and it went well.  Off to recovery.

Second, I didn't really take into account how much more would be required of me after his surgery.  Please don't get me wrong:  I love taking care of him--it's not something I get to do very often.  He's hardly ever sick; when he is, I usually find out about it after the fact because he is so very self-sufficient.  He's tough, that's all.  I'm much more the baby.  His doctor even dubbed Adam a "super-coper" and I agree.  So between being his "leg" and all, there has been a lot of things to do, that's all.

Third, we have been so blessed by friends helping us out this week!  Our neighbors and fellow-carpoolers, helped by switching around days of driving, being very flexible and even taking Adam to the hospital so we wouldn't have two cars up valley.  Many, many texts and emails of well-wishers.  Parents and friends praying and thinking of us.  One of his colleagues brought us dinner Monday night.  A friend just dropped off homemade granola bars.  Nothing speaks love to me like food--it's true.  Food is my love-language.

Fourth, I am becoming well acquainted with our convenience store's ice case.  The Game Ready is an awesome invention.  It makes icing a breeze.

Fifth, I continue to fall in love with where we live.  This has been a slow process.  There wasn't a lot of love at the beginning.  Of course there are down sides--the big white one is coming, and that is an extremely big one.  But the love is growing.  Roots are being put down.  Friends are genuine and real. 

It's Friday and there is a birthday this weekend.  A decade ago I had my first baby.  How is that?
Happy weekend!

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