Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday with the cat

Rubes was lounging on the couch in such a ridiculous manner that I couldn't help but snap some shots of her.  Some are an arieal view, some are down low, and in the final one I think she finally got tired of the click-click-click and stuck her head under the pillow.
I just have some random (shocking, I know) things today, so I thought some silly cat snapshots fit the bill.


Yesterday started downright cold.  Today it has been sunny and warm and oh-so end of August-y.  I love end of August.  It's still summer, but fall is poking her head around the corner, just letting you know she's coming.

Tomorrow is the first of September, and I'm just sure I'll wake up to the whisper of leaves on the sidewalk.  As much as I love summer, I love autumn just that much more.  It's my favorite time of year, I'm always so sad it's so short feeling.  Last fall was wonderful and long.  I'm hoping for a repeat this year.  But it will most likely snow on Halloween and not melt until May.  *sigh*  I hope I'm wrong!

I picked dozens and dozens of weeds out of flowerbed this morning before I realized they were actually off-shoots of one of our plants.  Oops.

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  Gracious, I am in love.  Facebook isn't a struggle for me (anymore) as far as a time waster.....but I could spend forever on Pinterest.  Love it.  Who else is on it?


I roasted garlic this afternoon.  It's set to go into some awesome looking garlic with fresh herbs bread here in a bit.  I'll be sure and let you know if it's as delicious as it looks.  Roasted garlic smells absolutely divine, by the way.


I'm off to bake bread and plan for tutoring. 

I love being able to bake bread and not roast the house.  That's just one benefit of fall!

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