Sunday, August 28, 2011

On the eve of a new year

Tomorrow is the day. 

The two oldest will run off with a hurried good-bye.  Slide into their carpool seats.  Fill their new desks with all their crayons, glue and pencils.  Greet old friends and new.  Fall in love with their new teacher.

The youngest will begin a new adventure.  Cracking open a new book to learn the precious art that is reading.  I hope to add him to our family ranks of fine readers.  Oh, that he would share our love of books and the near divine relaxation of curling up with a great read.

The dad heads off on the annual orientation trip with some upper schoolers.  He and group of students will lace up their hiking boots, slather themselves in sunscreen and bug repellent and head up the mountain.  Packs loaded with three-days worth of gear.  Llamas loaded with food, tents and cooking gear.

Yeah.  You read that right.  Llamas.  How ridiculously hilarious is that?!


So many of you are sending your littles off to school tomorrow, too.  I hope it's a great day for them and you as well!  Happy Sunday evening!

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