Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just stopping in real quick

My parents were in last week and it was such a great visit.  It's so fun when visitors come because they want to go and do things that we have started to take for granted since we actually live here.

Glenwood Springs Farmer's Market--typical mountain market:  heavy on crafts, flowers and breads.  Low on the actual vegetable and fruit varieties.  Still fun.

My first time there.  Another ski town, but so different from Vail.  Much more "mountain" feeling, if that makes any sense.

Picnik collage

Apparently, there's a Fuzziwigs candy store in our own little Vail village, but we have yet to find it (shhh, I haven't looked that hard), so the kids were super excited to find one in Steamboat and they talked me into going in.  BUT, I stood firm and didn't succumb to all the sweet temptations. 
Even though they had these....
That was hard.  Seriously.

On the way home we stopped in an old mining town (honestly can't remember where exactly) and explored this HUGE scoop.  Huge. 

This is the very last week before school starts next Monday.  I know so many of you are already sending the kids off to school, or have started into your new homeschool curriculum, but for us it just doesn't seem reality yet that it's so soon. 

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