Monday, August 29, 2011

First day: check

We all got off to a great start for this year.

Adam headed off on his llama after getting a thumbs up on his elbow progress from the Doc.  (All that is speculation, I didn't actually talk to him after he left with his huge-o pack this morning at 6:30am, but considering I didn't receive a phone call from anyone, I'm assuming all went well.)

Puck and I had a good morning of pre-school, play-doh a walk and some well-deserved R&R.

Sprite and Scamp loaded up with our neighbor carpool and came home with reports of "awesomeness" and all, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

I managed to get them outside this morning before they headed out for some first day of school pictures.  It was so gloomy this morning and just as we were headed in, we felt the first raindrops.  I had high hopes, since I really loved last years photos, however this year.....let's just say they weren't into it.

It could have been worse......

I just have no idea.

Then I asked each of them to take a photo of me with the other. 

Puck just isn't digging getting the photo-shoot right now.  Obviously.  But, he was digging taking the picture.  At least that's what I implied when the tears came out when I said we were done.
Hence, the following, taken by Puck (which I really love, actually!):

All in all, day one was a success..  We celebrated with ice cream at our new little neighborhood market.
1st day ice cream
Don't they look just thrilled?  They were honestly so tired they could hardly hold a conversation.  Early bedtime tonight!

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